Cara Mendapatkan Motor Listrik Subsidi di Indonesia

Indonesia, being the fourth most populous country in the world, is facing a significant increase in air pollution caused by the overuse of conventional vehicles such as gas-powered motorcycles. This issue arises as the government continues to focus on economic development by boosting the country’s infrastructure. However, to tackle the problem, the government of Indonesia has introduced various policies, one of which is to promote electric vehicles. In this article, we will talk about how to get subsidies for electric motorcycles in Indonesia.

What is the Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Program in Indonesia?

The Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Program in Indonesia is a government initiative to promote electric vehicles, especially motorcycles. The program started in 2020, and it aims to subsidize the price of electric motorcycles to make it more accessible to the public. The subsidy can cover up to 70% of the purchase price of electric motorcycles, making them cheaper than conventional gasoline-powered ones.

Who is Eligible for the Subsidy?

Generally, anyone who owns an Indonesian identity card (KTP) and possesses a valid motorcycle licence (SIM C) is eligible for the subsidy, as long as they purchase an electric motorcycle from the approved distributors. However, there are some additional criteria that need to be fulfilled, such as being a registered member of the National Health Insurance (BPJS) and having a monthly income of less than IDR 5 million (approximately USD 350). For farmers, fishermen, and micro and small business owners, there is no income requirement limit.

What are the Benefits of Using Electric Motorcycles?

Using electric motorcycles has several benefits, especially for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are some of the benefits of using electric motorcycles:

1. Environmentally friendly: Electric motorcycles emit no carbon dioxide and air pollutants. Therefore, they are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gasoline-powered motorcycles that emit harmful pollutants.

2. Energy efficiency: Electric motorcycles are more energy-efficient than gasoline-powered ones. They can travel longer distances using less energy, making them cheaper to run.

3. Smooth and quiet ride: Electric motorcycles have no engine noise, making them a more comfortable ride for both the rider and people around them.

How to Get the Subsidy?

To get a subsidy for electric motorcycles in Indonesia, follow these steps:

1. Check the approved list of distributors: The government has designated some distributors to sell electric motorcycles that are eligible for the subsidy. Check the official website of the Ministry of Industry to get the list of approved distributors.

2. Choose your preferred model: Once you have the list of approved distributors, choose the model that you want to buy.

3. Prepare the necessary documents: You will need to provide your Indonesian identity card (KTP), a valid motorcycle license (SIM C), and a proof of your monthly income. For farmers, fishermen, and micro and small business owners, you don’t need to provide proof of income.

4. Apply for subsidy: You can apply for the subsidy through the approved distributor. The distributor will assist you in filling out the application form and submitting it to the government for approval.

5. Wait for approval: Once your application is submitted, it takes about two weeks for the government to approve it.

6. Pay the remaining amount: After the government approves your application, you can pay the remaining amount to the distributor, and they will deliver your electric motorcycle to your doorstep.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Electric Motorcycle Subsidies in Indonesia?

Q: Can I buy an electric motorcycle from any dealer and still be eligible for the subsidy?

A: No, the electric motorcycle must be purchased from an approved distributor. Check the list of approved distributors on the official website of the Ministry of Industry.

Q: Is the subsidy only applicable to new electric motorcycles?

A: Yes, the subsidy is only applicable to new electric motorcycles.

Q: How long will it take for the subsidy to be approved?

A: The approval process takes around two weeks after the application is submitted.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of electric motorcycles that can be subsidized?

A: Yes, the government has set a quota for the number of electric motorcycles that can be subsidized per year.

Q: What is the maximum subsidy that can be given?

A: The maximum subsidy is 70% of the purchase price of the electric motorcycle.


Getting a subsidy for an electric motorcycle in Indonesia is an excellent opportunity for the public to own an eco-friendly vehicle. By following the guidelines and applying through the approved distributor, you can enjoy the benefits of an electric motorcycle at a more affordable price. Start your journey towards reducing your carbon footprint and take advantage of the Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Program in Indonesia.

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