Cara Mendapatkan Orderan Indriver di Indonesia

In today’s world, ride-hailing services are on the rise. People use these services frequently to travel from one place to another. Indriver is one of the leading ride-hailing services in Indonesia. As a driver for Indriver, getting orders is one of the most important aspects of the job. In this article, we will discuss proven methods to increase your chances of getting more orders with Indriver.

How to optimize your profile on Indriver

Your profile is the most important aspect of your job when driving for Indriver. Potential passengers will look for information about you on your profile, such as your profile picture, vehicle details, and previous ratings. Here’s how to optimize your profile for more orders:

Use a professional profile picture

Your profile picture is the first impression passengers will have of you. Make sure it is professional and matches the type of driver you want to be perceived as. High-resolution pictures are also preferred.

Add your vehicle details

Add your vehicle details to your profile, including the make and model, year, and license plate. Ensure that your car is clean and tidy before setting out to pick up passengers. This can increase the chances of getting more orders.

Showcase your ratings

Passengers rely heavily on driver ratings when deciding which driver to choose. Make sure to build up your rating by providing excellent service to passengers. Displaying your rating is a great way to show potential passengers that you are a reliable and professional driver.

How to increase your availability on Indriver

Being available is another important aspect when it comes to getting more orders. The more available you are, the more opportunities you have to receive orders. Here are some ways to increase your availability:

Turn on the “online” mode

Ensure that you are always available for orders by turning the “online” mode on. This mode makes it easier for passengers to find and pair with available drivers.

Be available during peak hours

Peak hours are during rush hour or during special events such as concerts or festivals. By working during peak hours, you’ll have a higher chance of finding passengers who need a ride.

Accept orders quickly

When you receive an order, make sure to accept it as soon as possible. This increases your reliability and the passenger’s satisfaction, increasing the chances of receiving more orders in the future.

How to optimize your location on Indriver

Your location can also impact the number of orders you receive. Here are some ways to optimize your location for more orders:

Stay in busy areas

Staying in busy areas such as shopping centers, tourist attractions or airports can increase your chances of getting more orders. These areas typically have a high concentration of people, which means more potential passengers.

Know your city well

It’s important to know the city you’re driving in well. This knowledge can help you navigate faster and more efficiently, reducing the time between orders. Additionally, passengers are more likely to choose drivers who know their way around the city.

Use the “destination mode” feature

Indriver’s “Destination mode” allows you to select your final destination, and receive rides only going towards that direction. This feature optimizes your route while reducing the chances of getting orders to areas where you don’t want to go.

Frequently asked questions on “cara mendapatkan orderan indriver”

Can I choose which passengers I want to pick up?

No, as an Indriver driver, you cannot choose which passengers you want to pick up. Orders are sent to available drivers regardless of passenger details.

Why am I not getting any orders?

Several factors can influence your order intake on Indriver. Ensure that your profile is complete and accurate, your vehicle is clean and tidy and that you’re always available and accepting orders as quickly as possible.

Can I drive in multiple cities with Indriver?

Yes, Indriver allows drivers to drive in multiple cities. To be active in multiple cities, you will need to upload all your documents separately for each city and register your vehicle in each city you plan to drive.

What happens if a passenger doesn’t show up for their ride?

Indriver has a waiting time of five minutes for passengers who fail to show up. If they don’t show up for the ride, mark the ride as “passenger no-show” in the app. You will receive the base fare for the ride as compensation.

Is it essential to have a high rating to get more orders?

Yes, it is essential to have a high rating to get more orders. Passengers rely heavily on driver ratings when choosing which driver to pick. Having a good rating shows that you are a reliable and professional driver in the eyes of the passenger.


As an Indriver driver, getting orders is essential to your job. You can optimize your profile, availability, and location to increase your chances of getting more orders. As long as you focus on providing excellent service, maintaining a good profile, and being available, you will increase your chances of getting more orders in the future.

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